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The collections below are available for viewing in slideshow format. 


This portfolio captures Warren MacKenzie, the world-renowned and award winning ceramist, in the intimacy of his studio in Stillwater, Minnesota, where he lives and works since 1953. These 26 images are didactic in their own right and capture the process of Warren MacKenzie making pots. They don't simply represent the output of his effort, rather MacKenzie’s daily work with clay, his environment, and his commitment to the functional pot.


This portfolio brings to life the creative process Warren MacKenzie undergoes to create his functional pots in his studio in Stillwater, Minnesota. 


This portfolio documents MacKenzie's daily work at the studio, his demonstrations to school children and visitors, and also the opening of his exhibition of pots brought from Stillwater, Minnesota. Warren MacKenzie, a world recognized Potter, apprenticed at The Leach Pottery Studio in St Ives, Cornwall in the United Kingdom with Bernard Leach between 1950 and 1952. Sixty-three years later he was invited back to give a Master Class at the Leach Pottery Studio, using one of the old wheels, while demonstrating and engaging in conversation with those attending from all over the world.


Through her body of work entitled "Apocalyptic" (from the Greek word meaning revelation or disclosure), Bouky presents a series of close up shots of trees photographed in Arizona, Greece and France. In what she describes as a personal dialogue with the "rooted children of another species", Bouky strives to capture what nature really - is a perfect reflection for who we are and the ultimate source for emotional, spiritual, and historical revelation.


Her "Attachments" series is the artistic culmination of an epiphany that Bouky experienced in 2007; one that re-set the trajectory of her photographic practice. "On a January day, walking through birch woods in Northern Minnesota, I became intensely aware of the sculptural and architectural aspects of the birch.  I felt compelled to study the bark closely and in it, I found the complexity of life," says the artist. Through this series of sublime organic abstractions, Bouky reveals the essential beauty of bark, lichens and light, signifying her profound re-attachment to the natural world.

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